Apps and More Listening Options

With advances in technology, internet radio is now being heard in more ways than ever. Besides listening on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, internet radio can now be heard with apps on smart TV’s, car consoles, smart speakers, and more. 


Below are links to some apps, as well as directories and websites, where The Oasis can be heard.


1. The Oasis app – available from both Google Play and the App Store.


2. Streema/Simple Radio – listen on the Streema website, or download their “Simple Radio” app and set The Oasis as a favorite.


3. The “Tune-In” app  – download the app and set The Oasis as a favorite, or listen on the website.

-To download “Tune In” from the App store, click here.

-To download “Tune In” from Google Play, click here.

-To download “Tune In” from Microsoft, click here.

-Here are links for Tune In’s home page, and for The Oasis’ Tune In page.


4. Online Radio Box

– Listen on the home page here.

-You can download the app from Google Play or the App Store (and then set The Oasis as a preset).

-You can view the extensive playlist history here


5. To listen on, click here.


6. More listings coming soon.