Oasis links:

  1. Facebook page for The Oasis.

Easy Listening/Beautiful Music websites:

  1. Wikipedia article on the “Beautiful Music” format.
  2. – Information and listing of Beautiful Music stations and programs.
  3. Smooth Jazz Network and top 20 chart. – Follow the newest hits in Smooth Jazz here.
  4. Surrey House Music – Record label for many of the rare “custom” radio recordings – including John Fox, Lex de Azevedo, Nick Ingman, Pat Valentino, Simon Park, Norm Geller, and more. 
  5. Starborne Productions – Producer and record label of many rare “custom” radio recordings – including Frank Chacksfield, Sven Libaek, Syd Dale, Arthur Greenslade, Alan Tew, and more.

Discussion groups:

  1. Beautiful Instrumentals and Vocals – A great place for detailed discussion of Easy Listening. (This long-lasting group started as “Beautiful Instrumentals” on Yahoo).
  2. Internet Beautiful Music Association – A group for preserving and expanding the Beautiful Music format, on the internet and beyond.
  3. Save Internet Radio.

Current Artists:

  1. Andrew Rasmussen (Oasis programmer) (aka “Desert Streams”) – Look on Spotify, Amazon, Apple/iTunes, and Youtube
  2. Gordon’s Guitars (produced by Gordon, programmer of “Hits on Guitar”) – Look on Spotify, Amazon, Apple, and Qobuz.
  3. James Canwell – See YouTube (nice videos!), or the Spotify or SoundCloud page.
  4. Jimmy Michaels – See  ‎Apple/iTunes, Spotify, or Amazon.